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Our Scope

At Ohana Indonesia, we believe a better world is created by people who come together to actualize it. With these principals in mind, for years, we have been fortunate enough to make phenomenal partnerships and obtain great support, not only by government entities, but also a multitude of organizations, companies, and individuals alike, who share in our common beliefs and have the same aim and mind.

Our Scope...

These partnerships over time time, have enabled us to greatly increase the services we provide to society, far beyond just the distribution of ambulatory aid devices... We have moved to continue to enlarge until able to cover work training, education and persons with disabilities’ rights advocacy to the highest level on United Nations (UN).

Over the next few years, we are looking to greatly enlarge our operational basis, including increasing seating clinics and disability rights initiatives in cities and provinces within the Indonesia territories, i.e. Bali, Central Java, Bojonegoro, District of Kulon Progo, Nusa Tenggara Timur and District of Temanggung.

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