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Ohana Indonesia & Global Mobility

Several years ago, Ohana Indonesia partnered with Global Mobility to facilitate the importation of much needed wheelchairs... It was a perfect match and as our relationship has grown over time, so have we been able to significantly expand our efforts here in Indonesia!

Global Mobility is a International NGO dedicated to providing wheelchairs and other ambulatory aid equipment, as well as advanced mechanical training to people in developing nations. Their extensive experience and consummate passion for helping others is awe-inspiring and their close partnerships with companies like DHL & APL Shipping allows them to collect, refurbish and then distribute wheelchairs to over 76 countries throughout the world.

David Richard, President of Global Mobility explains it best, as he gives us a rare behind the scenes glimpse into their relationship with DHL, the shipping process itself and the importance of what they do on a international scale!

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