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Our main office is the nerve center of the organization... We like to take a multifaceted approach to the services we provide and are proud to offer our visitors and vast array of disability resources. From government services and disability rights information, to conference facilities and in-house training clinics for aspiring Occupational and Physical therapists!  

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 OHANA is a disability rights based organization. Our organization has two major focuses, both surrounding the groundbreaking UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals). We have been working hard to both advocate for these fundamental human rights as well as develop a sustainable framework for local, national and international governmental levels!


Our comprehensive wheelchair services program, specifically designed to develop and empower DPOs and assist them in learning about services, technology, appropriate gear maintenance as well as to develop these projects independently as a livelihood for local DPOs.

We believe that it is imperative, that people be trained in not just assessment, but also properly schooled in the sizing and fitting of both everyday as well as complex seating wheelchairs! These training initiatives and principals can prove invaluable to DPO workers, as it helps them greatly mitigate health risks to the person in need, as well as providing them greatly increased comfort!      

Programmatic Goals

United Nations - Ending Violence Against Women and Girls with Disabilities Program


In Indonesia, often women and girls with disabilities live in poverty or live in isolation in villages or institutions. Service providers, local authorities and community leaders are not fully equipped to meet their needs, and gender-based violence prevention efforts and services are often inaccessible to women with disabilities.


Through the funding of a UN Trust Fund grant, the women-led organization OHANA is implementing this comprehensive initiative to end violence against women and girls living with disabilities in the five districts of Yogyakarta city. To learn more, please click the link below.

1. Advocacy Program on the CRPD and SDGs


Promoting and advocating the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, cross cutting with the Global Development Agenda 2030/Sustainability Development Goals at local, national and global level. OHANA also works with Indonesian Governmental Organizations to manifest the UN's CRPD principles into real-world policy and implementation at both the state and local level...

Since 2013 OHANA has been working in a national coalition with the International NGOs Forum for Indonesian Development (INFID) to promote the Post 2015 Global Development Framework. Currently, it is called Sustainability Development Goals/Agenda 2030. OHANA is one of the Disability Rights Organizations that has been promoting the CRPD and SDGs in Indonesia as well as in the UN Global Forums. Through this national coalition we are developing the tools to help implement these initiatives,  including a Guideline on SDGs and CRPD Implementation for the local government in Indonesia as well as drafting the National Action Plan of CRPD and SDGs.


In addition, we have been working with the Human Rights Working Groups (HRWG) since 2016 in creating and submitting Universal Periodical Report/UPR to the UN OHCHR in Geneva. We are also developing a training series for local DPOs and other local organizations to learn Human Rights Charter and Treaties, including using the human rights monitoring concepts to oversee the CRPD and SDGs.

OHANA collects the vast majority of it's operating budget, from generous donations from both the Disability Rights Fund/DRF and Disability Rights Advocacy Fund/DRAF, OXFAM and the DFAT. These grants have allowed Ohana Indonesia to run it's programs from 2012 until now.


2. Advocacy on the Appropriate Wheelchair System and Policy


OHANA is promoting the good practices of implementing article 20 Personal Mobility, article 25 Health, and other related articles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) at both the state and district level in Indonesia. A Wheelchair is prerequisite of fulfilling the needs of persons with disabilities in accessing healthcare, education, employment and increasing participation and inclusion in the community. OHANA Indonesia is at the forefront of providing wheelchairs and ambulatory aid equipment to individuals, through our global partnerships with other DPO's!  


Our programs also engage local DPOs to establish wheelchair repair shops with support from the local government in each district level for the long term. OHANA project is an international collaboration between Global Mobility USA, Hope Heaven Guatemala and the United States International Council on Disabilities with full support of the Direct Aid

Program (DAP) of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and a Shipping Company APL, a private company that support the social innovation project around the world.

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